Wide range of services

LCG offers a wide range of additional services. Besides containers, we gladly provide customers with input about the best logistical approach for their breakbulk and project cargo as well. Our terminal offers ample space for covered storage, the stuffing and stripping of containers and the expert repackaging of cargo.

Breakbulk and project cargo

- Full facilities for unloading and loading
- Seaworthy securing on flat racks
- Lifting capacity up to 100 tonnes

LCG has all the facilities for unloading and loading inland vessels carrying breakbulk or project cargo. Securing heavy cargo coming in by road on flat racks is a separate specialty. With our two cranes, we can effortlessly lift every object between ship and shore.


- Draught up to 5 metres
- No height restriction towards seaports
- ISPS-certified

A draught alongside the quay of 5 metres also makes LCG suitable for the handling of shortsea vessels. Our terminal is ISPS-certified. This means we comply with international regulations pertaining to the safe receipt of these ships. To and from the seaports, shortsea vessels do not have any bridge-related height restrictions.

Covered storage

- Dedicated warehousing space for breakbulk
- Bridge crane up to 25 tonnes
- Stuffing and stripping of containers

Ample warehouse space is available at the terminal for the covered storage of breakbulk and the stuffing and stripping of containers. The heavier the load, the greater our added value. A bridge crane can lift up to 25 tonnes.

Digitally to the future

- Direct links with customers
- Digital handling of (customs) formalities
- Active participation in new initiatives

Digitisation has our full attention. We have direct links with many customers and government bodies. To continuously improve our service provision, we always closely monitor new digital developments.

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